Sonoluminescence in the Early Years

Early priorities for sonoluminescence include Dazzler comics and Exodus 20:18 (quadrilinear bible, courtesy of campus Rabbi Chaim).  See our publications in Scientific American 1995 and Nature 1991 and Physics World 1999 for more references regarding early physics research on sonoluminescence.

Early Sonoluminescence


Earlier Sonoluminescence


Streak photo in Persson’s book showing that an explosion in NitroMethane originates from a light emitting bubble.  This is why Kirk McDonald says that “All Nobel Prizes are due to Sonoluminescence”.

Even Earlier Sonoluminescence


…Even Earlier Sonoluminescence


Snapping shrimp have been making sonoluminescence for millions of years.  Image credit to D. Lohse Nature 2001.